Our start...

Rose Repair "officially" began as a business amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The decline in a previous line of work resulting from the pandemic led us to explore what we really enjoy - fixing things! With our "to-do list" nearly complete, we decided to offer services to others.... and from that, Rose Repair was born.


Owner, Chief of Getting-It-Done

Being a handyman wasn't always the goal for Alex. He graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering and held a career in Office Equipment and IT Services for 15 years, eventually becoming Vice President of Service and IT for a St. Louis small business. During the pandemic, the small business took major blows as offices limited staff. With an long-time dream of entrepreneurship, Alex looked at his skillset and decided to start a business in which he can finally earn a living off his favorite hobby - home repair and renovation.

Growing up, Alex's father was a hobby woodworker and craftsman and his older brother, a carpenter. He learned many skills through their work and continued to hone those methods over the years. He has completed 100+ projects ranging from small jobs such as flooring installation and backsplashes to complete overhauls including camper roof fabrication and basement refinishing.

stephanie martin-ROSE

Owner, Administrator & Brand Manager

Stephanie spent her childhood helping out in her family's small business - be it going door-to-door passing out flyers, filing contracts, or preparing lien agreements.

While her career path brought her to working as a researcher and project manager in the tech field, this experience easily transfers to small business ownership and developing focused ways to plan work, allocate resources, and ensure requirements are met.

As a lifelong perfectionist, she is no stranger to putting in the evening hours to help out the business and ensures no detail is missed and that Rose Repair is finding new ways to be the trusted, quality handyman service in the area.